Information for Providers

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Health care resources are precious and limited. Let’s ensure they are devoted to meeting genuine health needs. Are you concerned that you
may have seen fraud, waste or abuse of health care services or funding?

Is there an aspect of this topic we could better address in our provider training or news service?

Reach Out to Aspirus Health Plan

Contact our Special Investigation team if you have any questions regarding fraud, waste and abuse, or if you suspect fraudulent, abusive or wasteful conditions.


Call our toll-free helpline. You may remain anonymous. If we are unavailable when you call, please leave a message.
Phone: 1-800-450-2339

Postal Mail

Send us a letter and/or documents you would like us to review.

Aspirus Health Plan
Attn: Special Investigation Unit
P.O. Box 51
Minneapolis, MN 55440


Send us an email message with your question or concern.

Respond to Investigators’ Requests

From time to time, practitioners who prescribe medication receive requests from Aspirus Health Plan or other fraud investigators to verify the basic facts of a prescription: the patient’s name, medication name, quantity and date prescribed.

Only about 5% to 10% of prescribers respond to these requests, according to national investigator records. This prevents the investigators from uncovering potential identify theft of the prescriber or patient, or other types of prescription fraud.

Please join us in this important effort to avoid wasted health care dollars and potential harm to patients. We ask you to give a timely and complete response to prescription verification requests. Your response can help to eliminate cases that should not be investigated, and keep investigators focused on the genuine cases that cause fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare system.

Send us an email message with your question or concern.