Aspirus Health Plan


Aspirus Health Plan will deliver direct access to high-value, personalized health care that aims to improve your health and well-being across your lifespan and through all of your health care needs.


Make our high-quality health care services cost-effective
We’re working to ensure you have a positive experience with every part of the delivery system—physicians, hospitals, affiliated providers, and corresponding administrative services. We will focus on you by coordinating care, encouraging overall well-being, and limiting waste.

Integrate your health care so that your personal needs and preferences are considered.
We’ll work with you to develop your personal path to long-term well-being. Why? Because health care that is appropriate for you is better for your health and better for your wallet. You don’t want to waste your time and money going through unnecessary procedures to address a health issue. You want results. With health care and health insurance connected and working for you, your doctor can tailor your treatments for maximum results.

Improve the communities we serve.
Aspirus Health Plan is a Wisconsin company with many employees who have grown up in and around the communities that we now serve. Health care is changing—massive, multi-state corporations are attempting to control more health care decisions and centralize services. Instead of being treated like a number by a multi-state health care provider, we believe that you are best served by our team, which has all of its employees in Wisconsin. We are committed to serving, volunteering, and supporting many of the organizations and foundations that make our communities great.