Pharmacy Information

Your prescription coverage is the most used and often one of the most important benefits in your health plan. We encourage you to take time to better understand your pharmacy benefits and coverage.

The pharmacy information listed here is for Aspirus Health Plan members who have pharmacy benefits through Navitus. For more pharmacy information talk to your employer or call Aspirus Health Plan Customer Service at 866.631.5404 .

Review the Navigate to Navitus flyer for directions on logging into your Navitus account. Here you can search pharmacies, cost compare medications, see the vaccine network and review your medication history.

Login through your Aspirus Health Plan member account and click on View My Pharmacy Information to get access to the Navitus portal, or login directly through the Navitus Mobile app.

See the listing of covered medications (generic and brand) or view cost-saving alternatives.
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Get your prescriptions delivered to your door. It's fast, convenient and prescriptions can be written up to a 90-day supply.
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When you are prescribed a high-cost specialty medication be sure to contact Navitus customer service at 866.333.2757. Learn More

For Aspirus Health Plan Members

We recommend that you login to your My Account to view the exact details about your pharmacy benefit.


Prior authorization is required for some drugs to ensure they're used appropriatley. Decisions are based on medical records, FDA-approved labeling, published and peer-reviewed scientific literature, and evidence-based guidelines. Learn more about Prior Authorization.


If you have an ongoing prescription see if you qualify for a 90-day supply at retail pharmacies. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist to see if your prescription is eligible.