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Find the forms and information you need to get the most value from your Aspirus Health Plan. You can order new ID cards, learn about prior authorization, complete a member survey and much more.

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How to Read My Explanation of Benefits (EOB)


Aspirus Health Plan requires consent from spouses and adult dependents before allowing subscribers access to health care claims information. To authorize access to view your 13+ year old dependent claims and care information login through the member portal. Once registered, click on the “Request Consent” link

Quality Improvement Program

Health and Wellness

Map your health and wellness journey with tools and resources to build strong provider relationships, access care managers for help and support and detail a personal health summary. You can also find health and wellness information access telehealth (virtual care) 24/7.

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Understanding My Care

Learn about your network access to doctors, clinics and hospitals, view claims and EOBs, review your member handbook and your member rights and responsibilities, find member tips and tools to make the most of your health plan.